Starting Childcare for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Starting education is an important and exciting step for children and their families, but it may also be a difficult time for some. Successful transition requires careful planning and good communication between parents, carers, educators and professionals. This is particularly important when it involves a child or young person on the autism spectrum.

Every child and young person on the autism spectrum has a unique set of strengths, interests and abilities. Children and young people on the autism spectrum make a unique contribution to an educational community.

Research has shown that successful transitions lead to positive educational experiences. To assist families and educators the Department in partnership with Monash University has developed a range of resources for supporting the transition of students on the autism spectrum.​

Early Childhood Education and Care

The Early Childhood Education and Care Transition Statement supports the effective transfer of information and provides an opportunity for parents, carers, educators and early childhood professionals to work together to develop a shared understanding of the child and family circumstances and have their views reflected in the statement. For more information, see: ASD Transition Statement - Early Childhood Education and Care (docx - 46 (docx - 46.78kb)