Your Maternal and Child Health service visits

maternal health nurse checks a baby

When you visit a Maternal and Child Health centre, the nurse will review your child's health, growth and development. The nurse will also talk to you about your own health and how your experience as a parent of a new baby has been so far.

Maternal and Child Health centres offer scheduled appointments, and some offer open consultation sessions and after-hours appointments.

Information about your baby's health and development is recorded in your child's My Health, Learning and Development Record. At particular stages there will be more specific assessments, including those related to hearing and vision.

All Maternal and Child Health consultations are free.


The Maternal and Child Health Service offers 10 free Key Ages and Stages consultations. At each of these consultations you can discuss your concerns, talk about your parenting experiences and any ways to improve your child's health, growth and development. You can also access the Maternal and Child Health Service at other times by telephone.

More information

  • My Health, Learning and Development Record - a child health record is given to families in hospital when their baby is born and is designed for them to record important information about their child's health, development and immunisations.
  • Parent Tip Sheets - health information brochures given to you at each consultation.
  • Contact the MCH Service - how to contact the Maternal and Child Health Service and other supports.