My Health Learning and Development Record

When a baby is born all parents receive an important book to record their child’s health information. This record is called the My Health, Learning and Development Record and is commonly known as the green book.

My Health, Learning and Development Record is given to you at the birth of your baby while you are still in hospital. You can record your baby's milestones relating to health, learning, development and immunisations throughout their early years of their life. There is also space for photos and plastic sleeves for important documents.

Information will be added to My Health, Learning and Development Record, at each of your Maternal and Child Health consultations and other appointments.

Important information will be given to you by a range of medical professionals, so please remember to take the book with you when you go to:

  • the maternal and child health nurse
  • immunisation appointments
  • a local doctor, dentist or other health professional
  • a hospital or emergency department
  • a community health centre
  • an early childhood education and care setting (e.g. childcare centre, family day care, kindergarten) or school.