Early Entry to Kindergarten for Gifted Children

Early entry to kindergarten may be appropriate for some gifted children where families are seeking an early entry to school for their child.

Requirements for early entry to kindergarten

Should parents decide to request early entry to kindergarten for their child, the following requirements must be met:

  • the child must be at least three years and six months by 30 April in the year they attend the funded kindergarten program (this aligns with the age requirements for early entry to school)
  • parents must make a written request for early entry to school to either the Area Director of the appropriate Department regional office or directly to the principal of a non-government school dependent on whether the child is intending to attend a government or non-government school
  • parents must provide the kindergarten service provider with a written response from the Department or the non-government school acknowledging the family has requested early entry to school.

Children are eligible for only one year of funded kindergarten, so careful consideration should be made as to which year the child is enrolled in kindergarten.

Does this mean my child will be accepted for early entry to school?

It is important to note that most children who enrol early in kindergarten are not accepted for early entry into school, and the decision regarding early entry should take into account the following:

  • children are not guaranteed early school entry as a result of being enrolled to attend kindergarten early
  • early entry to school requires a formal cognitive assessment that can only be undertaken once the child has turned four years of age and where the cost is met by parents. A child must be assessed as exceptionally gifted (WPPSI-IV results of at least 130 FSIQ) and considered at risk of long-term educational disadvantage if they do not commence school
  • applications for early entry to school are usually not determined until Term 4 of the year prior to the requested early entry to school.

Further Information

For more information about early entry to kindergarten and school, please contact your local Department regional office. To find your local office, see: