Health and Wellbeing

​Your child’s health impacts their learning and development. Good health is particularly important during early childhood when your child is growing and developing, both physically and emotionally, at a fast rate.

There is information available to help you keep your child healthy during their early years, including on anaphylaxis, breastfeeding, headlice and immunisations.

More information

  • Better Health Channel - this website contains information about different illnesses and conditions, healthy eating and health service directories
  • Child Safety Commissioner - this website has information on a range of child safety issues including sun safety, car safety, medical safety and infant safe sleeping
  • Kidsafe -  this website contains information, fact sheets and latest news about child safety
  • School Nursing - this website contains information about the role school nurses play
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne - this website contains details and fact sheets on kids health, medicines and hospital visits
  • Victorian Poisons Information Centre - this website has advice and information on poisonings or possible poisonings.