Vision Screening

Early detection of vision problems is important as many can be prevented or treated. If you are concerned about your child's vision or if you have a family history of vision problems please talk with your maternal and child health nurse or your doctor.

There are two vision checks that children should have one after their birth while they are still at the hospital and one when they are around 3 and half years old.

Hospital screening

After the birth of your baby and while you are still at the hospital a paediatrician or other qualified health professional will shine a light into your baby's eyes and perform what is called a red reflex test.

If you are not sure whether this test has been done you can check with the hospital where your baby was born or ask your maternal and child health nurse.

3.5 year old screening

At your child's 10th Maternal and Child Health Service visit, at 3 and a half years of age, they will be given a vision test called the Melbourne Initial Screening Test (MIST). 

It is important to note that this a screening tool and not a diagnostic test. Your child will be referred for further testing if they are unable to complete this screening.

Starting primary school

When your child starts primary school the school will ask you to fill in the School Entrant Health Questionnaire. Some of the questions are about your child's vision. You will be asked if your child has had their vision screened - either the Melbourne Initial Screening Test or a vision screening performed by your doctor.

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