​​​Advice on safety, both inside and outside of your home.

As a parent, your number one priority is keeping your child safe and healthy. The following information, resources and external websites will help to keep you child safe inside and outside of your home.

Learn about child protection, including how early childhood services work with other agencies to protect children from harm and make sure every child has access to a nurturing and stimulating environment.​​

General safety information and injury prevention

Commission for Children and Young People

The Commission is an independent body that promotes improvement in policies and practices affecting the safety and wellbeing of Victorian children and young people. They have a particular focus on vulnerable children and young people. For more information, see: Commission for Children and Young People

Kidsafe Victoria

Kidsafe Victoria is a charitable foundation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death, injury and associated disability to children. For information, fact sheets and the latest news about child safety, see: Kidsafe Victoria

Royal Children's Hospital Community Information team

The Royal Children's Hospital Community Information team (formerly Safety Centre) provides information on safety promotion and injury prevention. Their website ncludes a home safety check list, fact sheets and information on child safety education programs. For more information, see: Safety Centre Resources

Car safety

Never Leave Kids in Cars

Every year over 5000 children are rescued after being left alone in a car. To avoid potentially tragic consequences, the Never Leave Kids in Cars campaign reminds parents to take their kids with them whenever they get out of the car, just as they do their valuables. For more information, see: Never Leave Kids in Cars

Fatal distraction

Fatal distraction, a short term memory failure usually brought about by extreme exhaustion, stress or even a change in a long established routine, can happen to anyone. The consequences of fatal distraction can be devastating for parents and carers in the event that a child is unintentionally left in a hot car. For more information, see: Never Leave Kids in Cars

Seatbelts and child restraints

A VicRoads website that has information about car child restraints. For more information, see: Seatbelts and Child Restraints

First Aid tips

Have a query about first aid? St John Ambulance Australia has a range of downloadable Fact Sheets that provide a guide to basic first aid addressing common emergency situations. For more information, see: First Aid Facts - St John Ambulance Australia

Posion information

The Victorian Poisons Information Centre provides advice about what to do if a person has been poisoned, has overdosed, has made a mistake with medicines or has been bitten/stung by a snake, spider, bee, wasp etc. See: Austin Health: Victorian Poisons Information Centre

Water safety

Information about safety at the beach and in swimming pools, including learn to swim programs. See: Play it safe by the water