Mental Health

Your child’s mental health and wellbeing is vital for their learning and development. If your child has a strong sense of wellbeing and positive mental health they will have confidence and optimism, which will help their learning.

Early childhood services promote healthy minds and can help prepare your child for success, engagement and satisfaction in later life.

These services provide a positive learning environment for your child, they help create a sense of belonging and develop social and emotional skills, which are all factors for good mental health.

Early childhood services increasingly recognise the important role families play in fostering a healthy mind for living and learning. Your child’s service can support your family by giving you advice on how to develop positive relationships with your child and encouraging your child to be resilient.

Early childhood staff have knowledge and skills to promote your child’s mental health. They can help identify if your child may be at risk of developing a mental illness and can work with you to make sure there is early intervention if needed.