Medical Conditions

​If your child has a medical condition you should inform staff at their child care centre or kindergarten immediately.

It is particularly important for staff to know if your child has a serious medical condition like epilepsy, haemophilia, asthma, diabetes or severe allergic reactions.

If your child is diagnosed with a medical condition or illness, you can work with their child care centre or kindergarten and their doctor to develop a support plan.

It is important to keep information about your child’s medical conditions up-to-date, including any changes to your medication.

If your child needs to take medication while at child care or kindergarten, talk to staff about the necessary arrangements and give them written instructions for storing and administering the medication.

It’s also a good idea to consider having your child wear a medical alert bracelet to give people essential information in an emergency.

More information

For information on medical issues to consider– including fact sheets on chronic illnesses, see: The Royal Children’s Hospital – Kids health info for parents