Lessons learned from Term 2, 2020 remote and flexible learning

The Victorian Government is using insights and lessons from the first period of remote and flexible learning to continue giving Victorian students the innovative and quality education they deserve.

Learning from home: successes and experiences

Three reports have been released about the experience of remote and flexible learning in Term 2 for students, teachers and families during COVID-19.

The reports were informed by more than 3600 submissions from teachers, parents, students and education experts as part of a community consultation process.

It also included:

  • an independent analysis of our data
  • input from focus groups
  • first-hand experiences from students.

The reports provide insight from government, independent and Catholic schools into the experiences of students, teachers and educators who had to quickly adapt in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summary of report findings

The Department has captured a summary of lessons from these reports, and the actions we have taken in response, to improve remote and flexible learning in Term 3.

The reports found that despite the challenges of remote learning, the majority of Victorian students continued to progress with their learning, with some thriving.

The Government’s loan of devices and internet dongles to students in need was vital to their learning.

Schools made efforts to smoothly transition students to this new educational model, while parents and carers gained greater insight into their child’s schooling.

Some teachers felt energised by the experience of learning new skills and collaborating with colleagues, while others found the workload of transitioning from face-to-face to remote learning difficult.

Learning from home in Term 3

Key learnings from these reports helped improve remote and flexible learning in Term 3 including:

  • better engagement with families in learning
  • investment in digital access for schools and students in need
  • expanded health and wellbeing supports
  • professional development, resources and guidance for teachers on topics such as assessment practices.

Read the reports

Read the reports, together with a summary of the key findings and the Government’s actions in response: