High-ability includes students whose intellectual, physical, creative or social ability is more advanced than those of a similar age. Within the high-ability spectrum, ability, aptitude and performance will vary. High-ability students may be advanced in more than one area and they may also have a disability. Visit identifying high-ability students for more information.

About the toolkit

This toolkit is aimed at primary and secondary schools and teachers to support high-ability students in their classrooms.

In this toolkit you will find advice and information about:

  • how to identify high-ability students
  • the needs of high-ability students
  • how to support high-ability students

Student Excellence Program

For more information about the initiatives that support government primary and secondary schools - visit our Student Excellence Program.


Conversations with academics - video

Academics Professor John Munro (Australian Catholic University) and Dr Leonie Kronborg (Monash University) discuss the unique characteristics of high-ability students, why some high-ability students underachieve and what teachers need to remember when working with this cohort of students. Download video transcript