Priority: professional leadership

​​​​School leadership has the second largest impact on student outcomes in the school, behind teaching quality. 

​​​​​​​The Professional leadership priority focuses on the following four dimensions of the Improvement Model:


​​​What is professional leadership?

Great school leaders can have a significant effect on student outcomes because their leadership affects the environment and conditions in which teachers teach and students learn. 

​The role of effective school leaders

Great leaders determine what teaching expertise and resources are needed to achieve student learning goals and source and allocate them accordingly.​ 

Effective school leaders: 

  • set the vision for their schools and foster the school's learning culture
  • set high expectations for student achievement, and organise the school around goals for student learning, actively leading and participating in professional learning
  • ensure a safe and orderly learning environment so that teachers and students can focus on learning
  • are distinguished by their competence in planning, coordinating, and evaluating teaching and the teaching and learning program
  • actively lead discussions with teachers about instructional matters, including how instruction impacts student achievement. 

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