Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre

LMERC services include:

  • expert assistance with selection and evaluation of resources
  • referral to other information networks
  • resource lists and bibliographies
  • displays of resources for special events
  • bulk loans (by negotiation)
  • staff group visits (by appointment)
  • postal service for government schools in rural areas.

Watch an introductory video to learn more about LMERC's services.

Online catalogue

Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre (LMERC) online catalogue – You do not need to be a member to search the LMERC catalogue. To search the library, enter your search term in the box at the top of the screen.

Contact LMERC if you would like to become a member and borrow resources. See: Location and contact details


LMERC membership is available to:

  • teachers from all Victorian school sectors and community language schools
  • staff and students from tertiary education faculties
  • DET staff.


To apply for membership, you can visit LMERC in person and fill in an application form or join online. Click on the register button on the LMERC homepage.

To visit LMERC, see: Location and contact details.

Rural members

Teachers in non-metropolitan schools can join LMERC online. Contact LMERC by telephone or email to request resources. Rural government school borrowers can receive their loans free of charge by post. 

The school or teacher is responsible for paying the return postage. 

We encourage these borrowers to visit the library when possible to view the extensive range of materials in the collection.

Borrowing periods

Borrower typeNo. of itemsLoan period

School teachers and staff from tertiary education faculties

Pre-service teachers



twelve-week loan

six-week loan

Longer loan periods can be arranged in certain circumstances. Please contact library staff for details.

Returning loans
Loans can only be returned during LMERC opening hours. There is no facility for after hours returns.

Library collection

The LMERC library specialises in providing resources in all formats for English as an Additional Language (EAL), languages and the cross curriculum priority areas. Resources suitable for all levels, from early years to adult, are available. 

The collection contains a range of practical classroom and curriculum development resources related to second language acquisition and language teaching methodology, multilingualism, the cross curriculum priority areas and intercultural capability. 

Materials include academic texts, articles, electronic resources, picture books, novels, non-fiction reading material, lesson plans and activities, games and big books. Many of the picture story books are bilingual.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The EAL Collection contains resources for teaching students from language backgrounds other than English. These include practical resources, materials to meet the needs of EAL students across the curriculum, cultural background information, refugee and welfare issues and theoretical materials on second language acquisition and EAL methodology.     

The library also carries a good selection of kits (book and CD) and reading sets to assist teachers in providing a variety of materials in their classroom.    

Cultural diversity

The LMERC collection contains resources to support schools to incorporate multicultural perspectives into all aspects of the school experience. These include resources to support the elimination of racism.     

Support materials in all formats including a large collection of culturally inclusive picture story books and fiction suitable for young adults is available.     

Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

LMERC holds an extensive collection to support studies of Asia in schools. These include teacher and classroom resources in all formats across a range of domains and year levels.     

This part of the collection includes a large selection of games, props and realia such as Lunar New Year decorations, wall hangings, puppets, toys and a collection of videos and music CDs.    

Human Rights Education

LMERC holds a wide range of materials which support the teaching of Human Rights Education in the classroom across all levels of schooling. These include picture story books and fiction. The library also holds a collection of movies with Human Rights themes with accompanying teaching notes.    

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

The LMERC collection is strong across the domains in the area of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander histories and culture. Examples include an extensive collection of picture books by Aboriginal authors, multiple copies of the Dreamtime stories, and many other resources that reflect Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum.    

Emotions and wellbeing

A range of resources is available to support classroom activities, including lesson plans, emotions flashcards and games, posters,  and fiction and non-fiction resources about related areas such as bullying.    

Civics and Citizenship, Sustainability, Global and Peace Education

The LMERC collection supports many other areas across the curriculum including Global Education, Sustainability, Civics and Citizenship and Peace Education. The LMERC collection includes many resources in all formats to support these areas that are suitable for F-12.    


Digitised DET resources

Some DET resources for EAL teachers and learners have been updated. The publications listed below are available for download from FUSE:


Each term we produce a newsletter to inform teachers about new resources, book reviews, upcoming events and useful online resources.

To subscribe to the LMERC newsletter please send your email address with the word ‘subscribe’ in the subject line, to:

Location and contact details

Level 1
CO.AS.IT Building
189 Faraday St
Carlton VIC 3053   

Opening hours: Weekdays 9.00am - 5.00pm, including school holidays.
Returns can only be made during opening hours.