Science Professional Learning

Australian professional associations

Australian Science Communicators (ASC) - a national association of more than 400 journalists, editors, engineers, educators, and communicators dedicated to the clear communication of science and technology.

Australian Science Teachers' Association (ASTA) - the national umbrella organisation for the state and territory science teachers’ associations.

CERES Community Environment Park - the CERES Community Environment Park aims to inspire children of all ages to be proactive caretakers of the environment.

Gould League - Gould League delivers environmental education and training in sustainability.

Kyabram Fauna Park - the Kyabram Fauna Park is a 55 hectare wildlife park. The web site provides information on the park's education services, which include tours and talks, as well as information on conservation and the history of the park.

Museum Victoria - Museum Victoria, Australia's largest public museums organisation, is the State Museum for Victoria. The web site provides web-based education resources and projects based on Museum Victoria's collection databases and research.

Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria - the Natural Resources Conservation League advocates sustainable management of forest ecosystems and provides environmental education.

Oceanis Foundation-Underwater Zoo (The Melbourne Aquarium) - the Oceanis Foundation-Underwater Zoo is dedicated to educational activities for schools.

Parks Victoria - the Parks Victoria Education Program successfully integrates current curriculum set by the Department.

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne - the Royal Botanic Gardens Education Service utilises the rich natural and cultural resources of the Melbourne and Cranbourne site to enhance the learning of students from kindergarten to tertiary.

Teacher Earth Science Education Program – this program is supported by the Australian Science Teachers Association and CSIRO and provides professional development opportunities in Earth Science.

Victorian Association for Environmental Education - provides leadership and a voice for the environmental and sustainability education sector within Victoria.

Zoos Victoria - Zoos Victoria oversees three zoos in the state. The web site provides online learning resources, special programs for schools, details of how to organise a visit, and professional development information for teachers.

International professional associations

The Association for Science Education (ASE) - this UK site includes resources and international science education links, including membership details, books for sale, journals, and conferences.

The National Science Teachers' Association (NSTA) - this US site provides a comprehensive list of online science links, categorised by stage of schooling. Also contains membership information, extensive resources for teachers, and an online community including a discussion board.

Science education professional learning websites

These websites offer professional learning resources for science educators:

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - an international non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing science around the world.

Australian Academy of Science (AAS) - produces NOVA, an educational website for schools, reference books, works on the history of science in Australia and a variety of reports and conference proceedings.

Australian Science Innovations – ASI provides teachers and students throughout the nation with opportunities to enhance their scientific knowledge, understanding and skill, through the delivery of a range of programs.

Science Teacher's Association of Victoria (STAV) - STAV provides leadership, support services, programs and resources for science education.