Respectful Relationships lead and partner schools

​​Respectful Relationships is being rolled out across the state through a lead and partner school model.

Applications are now open to become a lead or partner school.

Join over 1000 Victorian government, Catholic and independent schools that have elected to participate as either a lead school or a partner school.

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All Victorian primary, secondary and specialist schools are invited to apply for a lead or partner school role. Schools are selected based on their demonstrated commitment, readiness and capacity to implement a whole-school approach. Consideration is also given to an even geographical spread.

Lead schools

The role of lead schools is to lead the way on implementing the whole-school approach to Respectful Relationships, this includes modelling good practice, leading and mentoring partner schools.

Under the initiative, lead schools will receive:

  • funding for two years
  • support to implement a whole school approach within their own school
  • support for mentoring partner schools.

Lead schools will support a cluster of partner schools by providing best-practice advice on implementation strategies and modelling respect and equality.

Lead schools will participate in professional learning with support from the Respectful Relationships local area workforce from term 3, 2019 and commence implementation term 1, 2020.

Partner schools

Partner schools are mentored and supported by lead schools to implement a whole-school approach to Respectful Relationships. Clusters of partner schools will work with one lead school.​

Under the initiative, partner schools will receive:

  • funding in the initial year
  • support to implement a whole-school approach to Respectful Relationships.

Funding process and rates

Funding for this initiative has moved to the student resource package (SRP) Respectful Relationships (reference 86).

The Respectful Relationships workforce

A dedicated Respectful Relationships workforce is in place to support lead and partner schools with implementation, including:

  • Respectful Relationships project leads in each of the state’s 17 local areas to support lead schools to fulfil their roles and helping to build the capacity of all participating schools to implement the initiative
  • Respectful Relationships liaison officers in each of the state’s 17 local areas to support schools to respond to family violence, providing advice about evidence based approaches and interventions, liaising with specialist services and embedding effective response and referral processes
  • A Respectful Relationships unit in the Department’s central office manage the state-wide supports and tools available to for Victorian schools to successfully implement Respectful Relationships.

Professional learning opportunities for school staff

A range of professional learning opportunities, delivered at the local area level and tailored for school staff and school leaders supports them to: implement a whole school approach, respond to disclosures of family violence and deliver Respectful Relationships as part of the curriculum.

Teaching materials

A resource kit for schools provides schools with the strategies and tools to implement a whole school approach to Respectful Relationships. For more information, see: Teach Respectful Relationships

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