Health promotion

Achievement Program

The Achievement Program is a free Victorian health and wellbeing program that creates healthier environments for working and learning.

Jointly developed by the Department of Health and the Department of Education and Training, the Achievement Program reflects the Victorian Government’s ongoing commitment to improving children and young people’s health and wellbeing.

The program supports a whole-of-school approach to health and wellbeing to support short- and long-term health outcomes by making healthy changes to the school’s physical environment, policies and practices, and overall health promoting activities.

The Healthy Schools Achievement Program offers a comprehensive framework and helpful resources around seven health priority areas:

  • Healthy Eating and Oral Health
  • Physical Activity and Movement
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Sexual Health and Wellbeing
  • Sun Protection
  • Safe Environments
  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs

The program is based on the World Health Organization's Health Promoting Schools model and aligned to key policies and guidelines including the Victorian Curriculum and Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0). The program is delivered by Cancer Council Victoria.

Health promotion support

By joining the Achievement Program, schools will gain access to an online portal housing resources, tools and information for each health priority area.

Many schools report that one of the most valuable aspects of the Achievement Program is the on-the-ground and practical support schools receive from a knowledgeable health promotion professional.

Together, the health professional will assist the school to review the framework and resources and provide guidance on changes to the school's policies, practices, activities and physical environment. These community-based health promotion staff support schools and local organisations to strive for Achievement Program excellence.

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