Professional learning resources to support deaf and hard of hearing students

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Free on-demand presentations are available to help teachers build their knowledge and skills to support deaf and hard of hearing students in the classroom.

The Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI) presentations are self-paced and accessible for educators to access any time, anywhere.

Late in 2021, VDEI offered free access to on-demand presentations as part of a trial to promote digital professional learning in deaf education.

With more than 2,000 Victoria educators registering, VDEI has continued free access for department educators in 2022.

VDEI's professional learning program focuses on current research and leading practices in the deaf and inclusive education fields.

It is designed to support the important role that educators and allied professionals play in enabling inclusive learning for all deaf and hard of hearing students.

How to access the program

We invite you to explore VDEI's Professional Learning Program.

On-demand presentations available include:

To register for free access to any of VDEI's 25 on-demand presentations:

  1. Select the on-demand presentation you are interested in.
  2. Register using your email address, so you won't be asked to pay the advertised registration fee.

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For more information, refer to VDEI's Professional Learning Program.

For further enquiries, contact the Victorian Deaf Education Institute: