Evidence-based teaching approaches for your classroom

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teaching approaches or strategies​ used by Victorian schools or education experts that can add value to your teaching practice.​​ Try one in your school today.​​

Innovative classroom approaches from your peers

Examples of best practice in education from other Victorian schools. ​​​

Gearing up for exams

Tips for teachers on supporting students, and yourselves, through end-of-year school exams

Thank you and stay safe these school holidays

Teachers have been at the frontline of our schools and communities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Staying healthy, safe and well while working from home

Tips and resources to help you find the right routine and balance that works for you

Top tips for effective online learning

The teachers at Virtual School Victoria have compiled their top insights into how teachers can best engage learning from home students

Empowering students to learn from home

There’s a range of programs and support available to you if and when schools transition to learning from home

Help develop mental health support and resources for primary schools

All primary school staff are invited to share their experience and insights in this 20-minute survey

Getting off to a good start with your new class

A Cheltenham teacher shares his welcome to a new class that sets the agenda for the year ahead.

Leading school improvement opportunities

Leadership Partner Brooke Burnett has supported schools to make positive change as part of the Differentiated Support for School Improvement (DSSI) program. Similar roles are currently advertised

Transforming literacy and numeracy in the Middle Years

Braybrook College was one of the first schools to deliver targeted support under the Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS) initiative, ensuring students have the skills they need for work and life

Making cultural inclusion a priority

Moolap Primary School shows how whole-school approaches to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural inclusion leads to a positive climate for learning for all students.

Using data to drive differentiated teacher practice

Diggers Rest Primary School has expanded five times over in the last five years, but still keeps a commitment to meeting the classroom needs of students at an individual level.

Taking time to be my best teacher

Hawkesdale P-12 College Teacher Florence Roney looks back on the first two years of teaching, sharing her experiences and challenges as she returns to a new school year.

Set your school up for success

Assistant Principal Carly Pluck shares how Canterbury Primary School works with both staff and students to make sure everyone is empowered to do their best and take control over what they want to learn and achieve.

Kung Fu kids laying literacy foundations

As part of literacy development program, Mitcham Primary School has introduced an unusual but effective way to teach their younger students about punctuation – Kung Fu Punctuation.

Improving literacy one sentence at a time

Dictated sentences and writing goals produce great literacy outcomes for students at Ocean Grove Primary School.

Strategies to work better as a team

Examples of strategies you can employ in your school to develop stronger teams and whole-school approaches. ​​

Transforming the First Years of the Teaching Career

A new approach to supporting graduate teachers

What it means to establish a community of practice (CoP)

Inga Wilson, principal at Sunbury West Primary School, collaborated with a number of primary and secondary principals in her network to establish a CoP dedicated to improving numeracy outcomes.

Creating a school culture where teachers purposefully collaborate

Victoria University Secondary College Principal, Elaine Hazim, explains how their Professional Learning Community supports staff to develop skills that are fundamental to achieving excellence.

A simple framework for your PLC

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Regional Manager Shane Lockhart explores ways you can identify and set goals, develop plans and monitor their effect to change the way your school operates and supports students

Make change and monitor its impact in your professional learning community

​Hear from Brandon Park Primary School's PLC and how they introduce a change in practice, measure and monitor its effect on student learning.

The 6 to 7 transition project: Primary-secondary partnerships

Four schools share their experiences in working collaboratively to create continuous learning for students moving from primary to secondary school.

Starting with the data: Student wellbeing during the transition from primary to secondary

School nurse Courtney Croxford explains how Lilydale Heights College made use of the Student Transition and Resilience Training (START) resource.

Teacher tip: Practice principles that support students transition from primary to secondary school

As a classroom teacher, you support students during the transition from primary to secondary school by focusing on quality relationships with your students and creating a positive climate for learning.

Develop and plan learning assessment in your professional learning community (PLC)

At Brandon Park Primary School, teachers use their professional learning community (PLC) time to plan and develop curriculum and pedagogical approaches for differentiated learning.

Prioritising and setting goals in PLCs

​Teachers at Brandon Park Primary School show you how to prioritise student learning needs and develop learning goals with students and for yourself through your professional learning community.

FISO explained: Building practice excellence

​Over 90 per cent of Victorian schools committed to this high-impact initiative in the FISO Improvement Model​

Supporting transition: A positive start to school

Starting school is a major transition point for children and their families and Flemington Primary School has created a strong model for smoothly moving new students from from Kinder to Prep

Hear from education experts

Explore the research and applications of education experts from across Victoria and Australia.​​

​The Victorian Teaching and Learning Model in action

Examples of best practice from Victorian schools using the High Impact Teaching Strategies, Practice Principles for Teaching and learning and the Pedagogical Model.

Using the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model at Vermont Secondary

When hearing about the school's approach to excellence in numeracy, what stands out more is the school's pride in building a positive climate for learning.

Excellence in numeracy through the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model

Teachers can use the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model (VTLM) to establish, enhance or modify their instructional practice to develop a focus on excellence in numeracy.

Differentiation to improve engagement and learning

Teachers who differentiate effectively call on information that pinpoints what students know now, and what they are ready to learn next

Metacognition in action

Rosanna Primary School and Epping Secondary College have been able to empower their students to take control of their own learning.

Teacher tip: Use metacognitive strategies to empower your students

Teachers can implement metacognitive strategies to assist students to become self-regulating learners and to develop a strong sense of agency in their learning.

High impact teaching strategies in action: Differentiated teaching

​​PLC Regional Manager Shane Lockhart explains that differentiated teaching can marry perfectly to the FISO improvement cycle and support continuous improvement in students​.

Use data to inform targeted intervention

At Carlton Gardens Primary School, school leaders and teachers employ a Response to Intervention (RTI) program to apply differentiated teaching approaches to students across a number of areas of the curriculum.

HITS: Setting Goals and learning from them

​Goal Setting – one of 10 High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) – is a fundamental technique for teachers to make learning visible and relevant for their students.

Making the most of assessment

Evidence-based approaches to student assessment and data that can improve your school. ​

Building better student engagement

Advice and examples from Victorian schools on how you can build better student engagement. ​​