Requirements for online training modules

​​​​​​If you're contracting an agency to develop online training modules, they need to follow these requirements.

Learning management system

Contact the People Division before you begin to check if the module needs to be built in the department's learning management system. If this is the case, there may be extra requirements on top of what's on this page.


Training modules must:

  • follow the Digital Standards for Victoria
  • comply with accessibility standard WCAG 2.1 Level AA as a minimum
  • be responsive down to tablet size
  • use HTML5 for dynamic functionality with appropriate aria attributes assigned
  • use subtitle files for any videos
  • have accompanying plain text for any images that describe information the user must know.

Training modules must not use Adobe Flash for any element.

If the module includes documents, they must be accompanied by accessible formats. Word documents must be formatted in an accessible way, including appropriate use of headings. Avoid any documents if possible.

The modules will go through an accessibility test before publishing. The results of the testing may require changes, so make sure you have a round of changes organised as a precaution.

Visual look and feel

Use the guide to branding web applications. The training module should follow this guide as closely as possible.

Visit the intranet for the department's corporate brand guidelines.

Visit DPC's website for Brand Victoria fonts.

Do not create any new logos for the module.


Content must follow the general web publishing guidelines, including an appropriate readability level for the intended audience.

Hosting and domains

Most self contained file packages can be hosted on the department's website. For example, a collection of HTML files and multimedia assets. Contact the Digital team for advice on testing and hosting.

Hosting training modules externally is also an option. Make sure there is appropriate funding and maintenance if the modules will be online for a long time.

Training modules do not qualify for their own domain name. Use the native URL provided by the agency. The Digital team can assist with a suitable landing page and short URL on the department's website.

Modules hosted on the department's website cannot include files with the file extension .json, due to limitations with the hosting CMS​.