SRF Program

  • Bonkers Beat Music Program (using Kodály and Orff)

    VEYLDF Alignment

    Item uses these practice principles: Reflective practice, Partnerships with families, Partnerships with professionals.

    Item responds to these sub-outcomes: Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes, Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media.


    The Bonkers Beat Music Program puts music at the core of early childhood education. The program features music as a part of all lessons, including language development, literacy and numeracy and physical movement. It uses the approaches of Kodály and Orff.

    Detailed Costs

    Starter program: $297
    This provides:
    • three months' access
    • five short online modules, each taking 25 to 35 minutes
    • access to five Bonkers Beat songs online
    Bonkers Beat Online Training: $2500
    This provides:
    • 12-month membership and online training
    • a five-module online music training course (as per the 'Starter Program')
    • a music CD and a book with 'transitional' songs
    • access to online video recordings of all songs from the 'Bonkers Beat & You' CD
    • lesson guides for all songs from the 'Bonkers Beat & You' CD
    • PDF files of songs with links to the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework
    • newsletters for parents/carers with transitional songs
    • access to private website pages
    • access to a closed members group on Facebook
    • a weekly blog.

    Implementation Considerations

    Target population: educators

    Program/practice descriptions and details:  Bonkers Beat Online Training provides support from the provider for 12 months.

    Staffing: services should consider the cost of backfill when determining the cost of accessing this resource.

    Factors to consider: consider how staff may be able to share the practice knowledge they obtain from this resource with others at the service. This will help to ensure that improved approaches to practice or innovative ideas can be implemented across the service as a whole.

    Australian experience: the Bonkers Beat Music Program was developed in Australia. 

    Strength of Evidence

    Level 4 - Emerging research evidence