SRF Program

  • Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P)

    VEYLDF Alignment

    Item uses these practice principles: Reflective practice, High expectations for every child, Respectful relationships and responsive engagement, Integrated teaching and learning approaches.

    Item responds to these sub-outcomes: Children become strong in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


    Circle of Security Parenting

    Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P) provides parents with education and psychotherapy based on attachment theory. COS-P operates on the assumption that attachment theory can be understood and be useful to parents in interactions with their children if taught in a user-friendly manner. As a result, the program focuses on teaching selected core concepts of attachment theory.

    The program aims to enhance parents' capacity for caregiving and child attachment. It can be delivered in a group context, in individual counselling, or in the home.

    Circle of Security Parenting Training

    Educators can also complete COS-P training to enable them to use the COS-P approach to educate and support caregivers in their parenting. Contact individual providers for further details.

    Detailed Costs

    Course costs vary. Contact providers for information.

    Implementation Considerations

    Target population: the program is designed for parents/carers who:
    • want to understand and respond to their children's needs more effectively
    • want to enjoy parenting more
    • want parenting to be less stressful
    • have children newborn to six years old
    • are concerned about their relationship with their child and/or their child's behaviour
    • lack confidence in parenting
    • have experienced family violence/trauma/disconnection with their own parents/carers as a child
    • have experienced perinatal depression and anxiety .

    Educators can also complete the COS-P training to provide them with the skills to support caregivers in their parenting.

    Program/practice descriptions and details: parenting courses consist of 1.5-hour sessions over eight weeks. Educator training seminars are conducted over four days.

    Program adaptability: program materials have been translated from English into multiple languages. Program can be delivered in individual consultations, to groups, or in the home. 

    Strength of Evidence

    Level 7 - Requires further research