SRF Program

  • Respectful Relationships Professional Learning for Early Childhood Educators

    VEYLDF Alignment

    Item uses these practice principles: Reflective practice, Partnerships with families, Respectful relationships and responsive engagement, Equity and diversity, Integrated teaching and learning approaches, Partnership with professionals.

    ​Item responds to these sub-outcomes: Children become strong in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


    The Respectful Relationships Professional Learning is designed to strengthen the capacity of early childhood educators to promote respectful relationships, positive attitudes and behaviours within their teaching approach, to enable children to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. The training also aims to increase educator knowledge about the role of gender equality in the prevention of family violence informed by the Respectful Relationships in schools approach recommended by the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

    It covers the following topics: 

    • Topic 1: Understanding and developing respectful relationships in early childhood ‒ dynamics of gender equality and family violence
    • Topic 2: Supporting children to understand and manage their emotions through social competence and promoting inclusive environments in early childhood
    • Topic 3: Understanding family violence and the practical strategies for building support network

    The professional learning includes a two-hour online component and one full day online workshop, with up to 40 participants per workshop.

    Detailed Costs

    ​Professional learning is free.

    Implementation Considerations

    Target population: early childhood educators (either Bachelor, Diploma or Certificate III trained) in Victorian government funded kindergarten programs. Early years managers and pre-school field officers are also encouraged to attend the training.

    Program/practice descriptions and details: if the number of registrations for a workshop are less than 10 a week before a session, participants may be reallocated to a different workshop.

    Program adaptability: the professional learning is delivered online and is available across Victoria. 

    Staffing: services should consider the cost of backfill or additional hours when determining the cost of accessing this item. It is recommended that participants are provided with a total of 8 hours backfill to engage in the professional learning and online workshop. When the Respectful Relationships program is accessed through SRF, services should also access backfill or additional hours using the SRF menu items as appropriate for their setting.

    Tools and systems: access to a computer and the internet to complete the registration process, online learning component, online workshop, and to access available resources.

    Priority Area

    Wellbeing (social and emotional), Access and inclusion

    Strength of Evidence

    ​Level 4 - Emerging research evidence