SRF Program

  • GoodStart Behaviour Support Kit

    VEYLDF Alignment

    ​Item uses these practice principles: Reflective practice, Partnerships with families, High expectations for every child, Respectful relationships and responsive engagement, Equity and diversity.

    ​Item responds to these sub-outcomes: Children become strong in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


    ​The Goodstart Behaviour Support Kit is a toolkit of professional learning materials curated by Goodstart Early Learning to support the intentional teaching of pro-social skills and self-regulation for typically developing children aged 3-5 years. 

    The toolkit comprises a guide and a set of visual aids for use by educators as a teaching tool to support pro-social behaviour and communication with young children. The visual aids and guides can be incorporated into regular teaching and learning. The toolkit also contains four online professional development modules that support the implementation of the resources by building the capability of educators and teachers.

    Optional online coaching (consisting of three, two-hour sessions) is available and facilitates the educator’s navigation of the resources within the toolkit, planning for implementation within the classroom, and reflection on how the resources are working in practice.

    Detailed Costs

    Goodstart Behaviour Support Kit and four online learning modules: $495 (excl. GST) plus postage: $30

    Online coaching and implementation support (three 2-hour sessions): $1080 (excl. GST)

    Implementation Considerations

    ​Target population: Educators

    Staffing: Services should consider the cost of backfill when determining the cost of accessing this resource.

    Supervision/coaching: Three 2-hour sessions of online coaching and implementation support is available as part of the optional coaching support

    Tools and systems: Services will need access to a computer or device with access to the internet

    Priority Area

    Wellbeing (social and emotional)

    Strength of Evidence

    Level 6 – Supported by expert opinion