High-ability is an umbrella term used to describe high potential and/or performance. High-ability students will have abilities that are more advanced than those of a similar age. Some high-ability students will have a general aptitude that allows them to achieve across a wide range of subjects. Others may exhibit subject specific aptitude. The ability, aptitude and performance of high-ability students will vary. Students with high-ability may also have a disability. 

About the toolkit

This toolkit is aimed at primary and secondary schools and teachers to support high-ability students in their classrooms.

In this toolkit you will find advice and information about:

  • how to identify high-ability students
  • the needs of high-ability students
  • how to support high-ability students.

Teachers and leaders who are new to the high-ability toolkit are encouraged to view the where-to-start guide

High-ability students talk about their learning

High-ability students talk about their love of learning, how teachers can support this learning and some of the challenges of being ahead of their peers.