Guidelines for Using the Careers Resources

Each topic includes:

  • Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) level - the Standards level for which the lesson is targeted
  • Year levels - the year level for which the lesson is targeted
  • Time - allocations are the minimum time required and may vary according to the level of understanding students bring to the topic, and the amount of time spent on extension activities and discussion
  • Purpose - a succinct statement of the purpose of the lesson
  • Rationale - the context and rationale underlying the lesson
  • Activities - suggested activities for each lesson
  • Further activities - extension activities to further explore the area
  • Supporting resources - materials which may be useful in delivering the lesson
  • Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) - the strands, domains and dimensions for each lesson
  • Worksheets and handouts for students - sheets and handouts for students for each lesson. The sheets are in colour, but will reproduce well in black and white. As these files are large, it is recommended that teachers print a single copy and photocopy from this. An MS Word version (as well as an Adobe PDF file) is provided to allow teachers to modify contents if appropriate.

Prior to each activity teachers should:

  • familiarise themselves with the activities
  • identify any resources that they need to copy or access
  • make any adaptations to suit their local environment.