Contract cleaning (reference 28)

With the introduction of the Victorian Government School Cleaning Reform, funding for cleaning will no longer be provided to metropolitan schools as part of their student resource package (SRP) from the date that the new cleaning model commences in each school.

Instead, funding will be held centrally by the Department from the date that the new cleaning model commences in each individual school.

For schools that are part of the Cleaning Reform, a funding allocation will no longer appear in your school's SRP.

A notional figure will now appear as a reported item on your SRP budget management report as a ‘Centrally administered item’

The cleaning budget in the SRP will remain unaffected by the cleaning reform for regional schools.

Read more about the changes to schools cleaning:

Funding for contract cleaning

All schools’ funding for contract cleaning is included in the SRP based on normal and low-use areas as determined by cleanable spaces identified in the school's facilities schedule. Funds are only allocated as cash and paid via the quarterly cash grant where schools are not included in the new metropolitan area-based cleaning model.

The cleaning allocation does not include provision for the cost of school consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, disinfectant blocks or bin liners. Funding for these items is in the cash component of the SRP.

The Confimred SRP is based on enrolment projections. As with other elements of the SRP, the contract cleaning allocation is subject to change in the confirmed SRP based on confirmed enrolments as per the February census.

Contract cleaning allocations are adjusted for any building configuration changes that occur on the Atrium data base. Where the cleanable area is reduced, the area change is applied from the following term. Where the cleanable area is increased, the cleaning area change is applied from the beginning of the term in which the change was made.

Rates information for this program

Total cleaning area

This is the total of the cleanable areas of the school as per the Atrium System. The total cleaning area used to calculate your budget is contained in your SRP budget advice notice and in the quarterly cash grant advice. Any subsequent changes will be reflected in your school cleaning area report.

Cleaning area entitlement

The cleaning area entitlement (normal use) for both secondary and primary schools is allocated in square metres according to enrolment bands of 25 students.

The cleanable area in excess of entitlement is deemed as low use area.

For enrolment or area entitlements, see the Contract cleaning schedule – primary school spreadsheet (xls - 52.5kb)

For a small number of primary schools disadvantaged by the 1:25 Schedule introduced in 2001 additional m2 area is added to the school's entitlement on Atrium to restore the school to the better of the former entitlement schedules. The adjustment is removed when the school moves into line with the new 1:25 Schedule due to enrolment changes or if the school undergoes a facilities provision or upgrade program.

Building area changes

The budget impact of area changes notified depends on whether the areas are part of the school's area entitlement and whether they involve designated cleanable areas. Where areas change, schools should refer to the school cleaning area report or contact the information and analysis unit to determine the effect on their cleanable area.

Calculation[Normal_Use_Area] x [Normal_Use_Rate] plus [Low_Use_Area] x [Low_Use_Rate]

  • Refer to rates section for stipulated minimum dollar allocation
  • Entitlement cannot exceed total cleanable area

Rates - 2020

School typeNormal use ($)Low use ($)
Special development school    28.83N/A
All others    26.865.76
Small schools under 372m2    21.69N/A
Minimum allocation    5,667 N/A

Split-site and multi-campus locations are calculated as separate entities.

For special development and physical disability schools, see reference 29 - cross infection prevention allowance