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  • Be You Suicide Postvention Toolkit and Postvention Response


    Tier 3: Targeted support

    Program Description

    Be You supports schools to prepare, respond and recover from the impact of a death by suicide in a learning community, through its Responding Together domain.

    Learning communities that are impacted by a death by suicide can get support from Be You Consultants who can guide schools through the Postvention resources.

    Schools can use the Be You Suicide Postvention Toolkit to develop their own Postvention Plan using the extensive resources available.

    The Toolkit provides guidelines on how to respond to the incidence of a suicide impacting a school.

    Each section outlines the key short- and long-term actions that schools responding to, and recovering from, a death by suicide can undertake immediately.

    The toolkit also provides scripts for notifying members of the community, tools and resources.

    Detailed Cost


    Implementation Considerations

    Target population: Educators in school communities affected by suicide.

    Program adaptability: The information in the Toolkit is set, however can be applied according to the school's individual context. 

    Staffing: No backfilling required.

    Training requirements: No training required but attendance at a Be You Postvention Planning session is recommended and is available free of charge through your Be You consultant. Toolkit provides guidance. 

    Australian experience: The Toolkit was developed in the Australian context. The guidelines and resources can be applied in any school across Australia.

    Strength of Evidence

    Geographic Location


    Intended Outcomes

    • Support staff in responding to suicide
    • Provide evidence-based and practice-informed guidelines to inform decision-making and actions during a challenging time