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  • Seasons for Growth


    Tier 2: Early Intervention Cohort Specific Support

    Program Description

    Seasons for Growth (SfG), is a trauma informed early intervention loss and grief program. The program is based on the belief that change and loss are part of life and supports young people to understand their grief. It is a small group program catering for ages 6-18 years, that consists of 8 sessions.

    The SfG allows participants to learn the knowledge and skills required to build emotional literacy and resilience. The program incorporates a wide range of activities:
    • Writing
    • Drawing
    • Discussion, stories
    • Role plays
    • Meditation
    • Journaling
    SfG also builds knowledge within school communities, enabling the school to sustain the program on an ongoing basis.

    Detailed Cost

    SfG 2-day online training is $750 per person (inc. GST) which includes a manual pack and an online professional development session, which forms part of the Companions accreditation in the program.

    Students receive a journal at the group, these vary in cost from $14 (inc. GST) for levels 1-3 and $17 (inc. GST) for level 4 per person with 4-7 students in a group.

    Implementation Considerations

    Target population: Students aged 6-18 years.

    Program adaptability: SfG has been adapted to support children and young people with experiences of suicide, forced migration, home-based care and Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

    Staffing: The program is facilitated by trained Companions.

    Training requirements: Training for Companions can be delivered online or face-to-face. There is a minimum of 15 participants for face-to-face training.

    Factors to consider: The program is delivered to small groups of 4-7 participants. Children and young people are invited to attend the appropriate group level: Level 1 (6 - 8 years) which are 40 min sessions, Level 2 (9 -10 years) which are 40 min sessions, Level 3 (11-12 years) which are 45 min sessions, Level 4 (13- 18 years) which are 50 min sessions. There are 8 formal sessions plus a celebration session.

    Australian context: The program has been developed and applied in Australia.

    Strength of Evidence

    Level 3: Foundational and emerging evidence for program

    Geographic Location


    Intended Outcomes

    • Positive adaptation to experiences of change and loss and knowledge that change will occur again
    • Regaining emotional stability
    • Establish positive connections between previous and current life
    • Increased positive choices and improved decision making
    • Adjustment to the experiences of change and loss
    • Improved wellbeing