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    Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion

    Program Description

    batyr@school supports students to participate in positive conversations about mental health. Trained facilitators educate students on the support available and empower them to reach out for help when needed. The program includes hearing from a young person with an experience of mental ill-health, focusing on hope, resilience and courage.

    The standard version of the program focuses on:
    • Explaining the mental health continuum
    • An overview of tips to build students’ capacity to identify signs
    • Engaging in open conversations
    •Seek help-seeking and preventative behaviours

    The program can be supplemented by follow-up programs for specific cohorts that include:

    • The “Look out for Your Mates: program" aimed at Year 10 students
    • The “Stressed out” program aimed at Year 11 students and
    • The “Future Proof” program aimed at Year 12 students.

    Detailed Cost

    There is a fixed cost of $1500.00 per program inc. GST. Travel outside of metropolitan areas will incur additional costs. Regional travel from Melbourne is charged in addition to the program fee and will be charged to schools located more than 2 hours road travel from Melbourne CBD. Where a school books multiple programs, travel costs only need to be paid once (one fee per single overnight trip). The price for regional travel is $440 (inc. GST) per school per trip to accommodate batyr's regional team (3 people) to deliver a program in regional areas.

    Implementation Considerations

    Target population: Students from Year 9 to Year 12

    Program adaptability: The program has a flexible structure designed to adapt to the needs of specific cohorts, as determined through consultation with school staff and available data.

    Staffing: Time commitments for teachers and students involves 60 to 90 mins for program delivery. Teacher backfill is not required as teachers are engaged within the program. The program requires a nominated school wellbeing staff member to pre-brief the batyr program team and to de-brief post-program.

    Training requirements: No pre-requisite training requirements.

    Factors to consider: Program delivery will require the exclusive use of a school hall, library or similar space for 60-90 minutes with access to prepare this space prior to student arrival.

    Australian context: The program has been developed, evaluated and applied in Australia.

    Strength of Evidence

    Level 4: Established evidence for program (supported by quality research evidence)

    Geographic Location


    Intended Outcomes

    * Increased positive attitudes towards mental health and self-compassion

    * Reduction in stigma towards mental health and help seeking

    * Improved help seeking prior to significant distress or a state of crisis