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  • Schools of Substance - Comprehensive support for school-based alcohol and other drug education


    Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion
    Tier 2: Early Intervention and Cohort Specific Support

    Program Description

    Schools of Substance is a school-based alcohol and other drug education support program. The program has five optional key components:
    1. Review of the school's existing programs
    2. Development of best practice policy
    3. Implementation of evidence-based alcohol and other drug prevention programs within schools
    4. Training and information for teachers and parents
    5. Evaluation of the Schools of Substance program

    Programs can be tailored in consultation with schools.
    • OurFutures - Online modules supported by teachers and target whole year groups (universal delivery). Five modules are available: Alcohol; Alcohol and Cannabis; Cannabis and Psychostimulants; MDMA and Emerging Drugs; and Mental Health.
    • The Illicit Project – a neuroscience-based online program for older adolescents supported by teachers which targets whole year groups (universal delivery).
    • The Preventure program - delivered face to face by trained school staff and targets high-risk adolescents.
    • All three programs provide age-appropriate information about alcohol and other drugs and practical advice on how to resist and manage substance use.

    Detailed Cost

    The cost is variable as part of the tailored approach, with 360Edge working closely with the school to determine the degree of their involvement and which program components are required.

    OurFutures and The Illicit Project are costed at $10 per student inc. GST. Preventure is costed at $750 inc. GST per teacher for training (minimum of two facilitators should be trained per school).

    Consulting services for policy and program review and implementation, and training and information, are costed on an hourly basis as part of a fixed price quote that varies depending on which staff are involved.

    Implementation Considerations

    Target population: OurFutures and The Illicit Project target whole year groups within schools, while Preventure is a targeted program designed for 'high-risk' adolescents based on their personality profiles.

    Program adaptability: Programs and support components, including review, policy development, teacher and parent information and training, are tailored to school's specific needs and budget.

    Staffing: School leadership and other staff are required for one half-day session to co-design the alcohol and other drug policies. Backfilling may also be required for school staff being trained to deliver the Preventure program.

    Training requirements: Schools require access to computers for both teachers and students and access to a stable internet connection. No formal training is required for teachers supporting implementation of the OurFutures and The Illicit Project modules. The Preventure program requires both a facilitator and co-facilitator, which involves school staff completing three days of training and two days of supervision.

    Factors to consider: Preventure is recommended for group sizes of 4-8 students, with two 90 minute sessions at least one week apart.

    Australian context: OurFutures, Preventure and The Illicit Project programs have been developed, evaluated and delivered across Australia.

    Strength of Evidence

    Level 4: Established evidence for program (supported by quality research evidence)

    Geographic Location


    Intended Outcomes

    • Increased knowledge of alcohol and other drug harms and mental health
    • Increased awareness of where to access support for alcohol and other drug use and mental health
    • Reduced use and intention to use alcohol and other drugs
    • Reduced alcohol and other drug related problems
    • Improved health and wellbeing (including mental health)
    • Increased knowledge and awareness of school alcohol and other drug policy