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  • Smiling Mind VCE Support


    Tier 2: Early Intervention and cohort specific support

    Program Description

    Smiling Mind 'Feeling it' is a program for promoting student wellness and a positive mindset when completing their VCE during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes:
    • A six-part series of short videos,
    • Tip sheets
    • Meditations
    • A teacher fact sheet.
    Young people in each episode share their experiences and tips on how students can:
    • Look after themselves
    • Be resilient and mindful
    • Navigate uncertainty
    • Prepare for change.
    The videos also provide strategies for managing negative emotions and discuss the importance of positive study and sleep habits for optimal learning and stress resilience.

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    Implementation Considerations

    Target audience: Final years secondary students completing VCE and VCAL.

    Program adaptability: Students can apply strategies as required. 

    Staffing: Not required.

    Training requirements: Students can access these resources outside school, with videos lasting 4-5 minutes and are accompanied by tip sheets. Meditation sessions are between 5-15 minutes. Fact sheets also available for teachers.

    Australian experience: The videos are tailored specifically towards students undertaking Victorian secondary qualifications.

    Strength of Evidence

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    Intended Outcomes

    Support secondary school students during their VCE