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    Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion

    Program Description

    Active Schools encourages physical activity through a whole school approach that goes beyond traditional physical education and sport to promote physical activity at every opportunity.

    The initiative includes an Active Schools Toolkit as well as additional funding and direct support through the Expert Support Service provided to eligible schools.
    The framework is intended to support schools to build an Active School and increase physical activity and wellbeing for students. The framework is comprised of six key areas:
    • quality physical education
    • quality school sport
    • active classrooms
    • active travel
    • active recreation
    • a supportive school environment.

    Detailed Cost


    Implementation Considerations

    Factors to consider:

    All Victorian government schools are encouraged to build an Active School and implement a whole of school approach to physical activity.

    The Active Schools Toolkit is available to support schools to review their current approach and implement key changes to improve students' levels of physical activity.

    Select schools that receive Active Schools grant funding of Active Schools Boost funding each year are provided direct support via the Active Schools Expert Support Service to develop and implement an Active Schools action plan.

    Schools that have not received Active Schools funding can access resources and guidance such as the Active Schools Framework and Active Schools Toolkit as well as receive support through the Active Schools Expert Support Service, including::

    • a 1-hour virtual session to complete the Active Schools implementation audit tool, providing ideas and suggestions for implementation, focusing on whole school approaches to physical activity and links to positive mental health.

    • webinars and a range of fully subsidised professional development days focusing on the 6 key priority areas of the framework (the Mental Health Fund can be utilised to cover CRT for attendance at these workshop days.

    • further information, resources and over 60 case studies showcasing what other schools are doing in their schools through the Active Schools Expert Support Service (link in Contacts section above).

    Strength of Evidence

    Geographic Location


    Intended Outcomes

    Increase student physical activity
    Ensure that students have the skills, confidence and motivation to be active for life