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  • Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships and Building Respectful Relationships


    Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion

    Program Description

    The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) and the Building Respectful Relationships (BRR) learning materials are designed for primary and secondary school teachers to develop students’ social, emotional and positive relationship skills.
    The RRRR learning materials include 8 Social and Emotional Learning topics across all levels of primary and secondary education:
    • Emotional Literacy
    • Personal Strengths
    • Positive Coping
    • Problem Solving
    • Stress Management
    • Help Seeking
    • Gender and Identity
    • Positive Gender Relationships.
    The BRR learning materials include 3 units across years 8 to 10:
    • Gender, Respect and Respectful Relationships
    • The Power Connection
    • Gender, Power and the Media.

    Detailed Cost


    Implementation Considerations

    ​Factors to consider: The resources are directly available online and can be delivered standalone, or in conjunction with other materials as part of a comprehensive health program.

    Staffing: Backfilling may be required for staff to attend training and provide time-release for teachers to undertake curriculum planning.

    Strength of Evidence

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    Intended Outcomes

    • Students learn social and emotional skills to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.