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    Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion

    Program Description

    The Achievement Program is an online portal which provides access to resources, tools and information around seven key areas:
    • healthy eating and oral health
    • physical activity and movement
    • sexual health and wellbeing
    • mental health and wellbeing
    • sun protection
    • safe environments
    • tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

    This framework supports a whole-school approach to health and wellbeing and aims to create a positive and healthy school environment.

    Detailed Cost


    Implementation Considerations

    Target audience: Educators and students of all ages.

    Program adaptability: Participants can set their own pace and tailor the program to suit their needs.

    Staffing: Backfilling required if staff undertake training during classroom hours, however the online asynchronous nature of the program means it can be completed anytime.

    Training requirements: Schools are required to work through each of the seven priority areas and should complete baseline surveys, use existing school processes to guide planning and action, and reflect on progress. Schools should also use continuous improvement processes, such as regular policy reviews and completing the annual snapshot, and ensure health practices are maintained over time.

    Australian experience: The program is based on the World Health Organization's Health Promoting Schools model and aligned to key policies and guidelines including the Victorian Curriculum, Framework for improved Student Outcomes and School Improvement Framework.

    Strength of Evidence

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    Intended Outcomes

    Support a whole-school approach to health and wellbeing