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    Tier 1: Positive Mental Health Promotion

    Program Description

    eSafety's resources encourage and support a positive, whole-school approach to online safety education.
    We also have support and advice to help if something goes wrong.

    The eSafety website includes:
    • self-directed, developmentally appropriate resources and support for children, young people and parents/carers
    • advice on how to report online safety issues to the social media company or get more help from eSafety
    • an Online Safety Toolkit to help schools prevent and respond to online safety issues
    • a Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education
    • the YeS project, a digital and social health program encouraging young people to act as positive leaders online
    • free professional learning to help educators include online safety in their programs.

    Detailed Cost


    Implementation Considerations

    ​Factors to consider: The resources are all online and self-directed. The time length for resources varies, from 20 minutes upwards. 

    Strength of Evidence

    Geographic Location


    Intended Outcomes

    • Support young people to be safe online
    • Provide strategies for when cyberbullying occurs and a reporting avenue
    • Equip parents and educators to support young people online