Welcome to safe@work, health and safety information for secondary school students who are starting work experience.

This information will help you:

  • improve your knowledge of occupational health and safety before you go to a work place
  • understand hazards and laws
  • with practical solutions to common health and safety problems
  • understand your responsibilities and the responsibilities of your employer.

General module

You should start with the general module. It's for all secondary students who are starting workplace learning programs.

You should complete this module before moving on to complete any of the industry modules.

If you're starting structured workplace learning, you'll need to complete the right OHS module for your VET qualification before you start work.

Review module

You must complete the review module as a refresher if it's been more than 12 months since you completed the general module.

Industry modules

The industry modules have more detailed information on hazards in specific industries or workplaces.

Self-assessment tests

Each module has a test you need to complete. Once you pass the test you'll get an award of attainment (certificate).

Before you start the questions, enter your and school's name exactly as you want it to appear on your award of attainment.

This document shows your understanding of basic occupational health and safety information and can be kept in your portfolio once it's been signed by the school.

See self assessment tests to take a test.


Student Activities - these can be printed and are designed to be either completed in class with your teacher, or by yourself.

Student Workbook contains suggested class activities and homework tasks.

For more information, see: Resources

More Information

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