Health and Wellbeing Services

Purpose of this policy

To ensure that schools are informed about the health and wellbeing services available.

Available support

Schools can access a range of student support services including:

  • Student Support Services assist children and young people facing a range of barriers to learning to achieve their educational and developmental potential through the provision of a range of strategies and specialised support at individual, group, school and network levels. see: Student Support Services Officers.
  • Primary Welfare Officers assist schools to support students at risk of disengagement from school and who are not achieving their educational potential see: Primary Welfare Office Initiative.
  • Student Welfare Coordinators work in secondary and primary-secondary colleges responding to the needs of young people. They are responsible for helping students handle issues such as truancy, bullying, drug use and depression. Student Welfare Coordinators work with other welfare professionals and agencies to address student needs. 

Related legislation

  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006

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