First Aid Rooms

Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools provide facilities to enable health support.


Schools must have facilities to allow provision of basic first aid care as well as first aid treatment such as minor cuts, scratches, bruising and for bodily injury.

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for a first aid room are contained in the Department's First Aid & Infection Control Procedure see: Department resources

First aid room

Facilities for first aid should allow:

  • precautions against infection see: Infectious Diseases within Related policies
  • reassurance and comfort, with a safe level of privacy; dignity; comfort and independence.
  • employee and volunteer health, safety and welfare
  • associated record keeping in accordance with privacy and confidentiality see: Health Records and Privacy within Related policies


The first aid room should allow for short-term supervision and the ability to summon further assistance if required. 

The level of supervision required in the first aid room varies depending on the case. For example, supervision:

  • should be required for a student who has had a blow to the head and is feeling dizzy
  • may not be required for a student with a slight headache, who needs a lie down.

Visiting health services

If schools have, or expect to have, visiting health care professionals, such as nurses, physiotherapists, etc, a facility must be available for provision of the health service.

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