​​Purpose of this topic

To ensure school councils operate in accordance with operational requirements.

Prerequisite legislation

School councils are governed by:

  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006
  • Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017


This table lists the requirements covering school council operations.

ItemSchool councils must

Bank accounts

nominate a member of the council, who is not the school business manager who with the principal authorises:

  • cheques or negotiable instruments drawn against council accounts
  • in writing withdrawals or transfers from council accounts.


  • keep all records of the school council in the school premises, unless:
    - the council approves their removal to prepare or audit the books of accounts or records
    - the Minister or their authorised representative removes the records
  • make the records available at any time to the Minister or to any person authorised by the Minister.

Annual report

prepare an annual report by the date fixed by and in accordance with:

  • any Ministerial Order
  • standards and guidelines issued by the Minister.

Note: The annual report should:

  • include financial activities, the school plan and other matters required by the Minister
  • be published and made available to the local community of the school or group of schools
  • be provided to the secretary or any other person upon request.

Payment for services

must not pay council members for their services on the school council.

Note: Council members can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in performing their duties.

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