Children with special needs

The Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) provides additional support within the Student Resource Package for eligible students with disabilities in regular and specialist schools.

Documentation relating to the PSD, including the Program for Students with Disabilities Guidelines and Student Support Group Guidelines, can be accessed online, see: Handbook and guidelines

  • Assessment Service - details processes for PSD applications on behalf of students in the categories of Intellectual Disability and Severe Language Disorder with Critical Education Needs.
  • PSDMS - Program for Students with Disabilities Management System - provides reference guides and support information for the system used by schools to support processes associated with funding applications, eligibility evaluations and budget reporting
  • Home-Based Educational Support Program - allows students with severe disabilities to access an educational program from home. The Home-Based Educational Support Program guidelines and application form can be accessed from this page.
  • Supplementary Programs - assists schools to support students with specific needs. Individual program guidelines and application forms can be accessed from this page.

More information

Further information regarding students with disabilities can be accessed below.