School Nurses

Primary School Nurses

Primary school nurses offer a health check for all Prep students in government, Catholic and independent schools and English Language Centres. They also provide health assessment and support for children in Grades 1 to 6 where a parent or teacher has a concern.

The school will provide you with a questionnaire about your child’s health, development and wellbeing for you to complete during your child’s first year of school. This information assists the nurse to undertake a health assessment of your child and provide you with follow-up information and advice if needed.

For more information, see: Primary School Nursing

Secondary School Nurses

The Secondary School Nursing Program aims to reduce risk for young people and promote better health in the wider community.

Some Victorian government secondary schools have a school nurse who works as a member of the student welfare team to improve the health and wellbeing of students. The school nurse also organises health promotion and health education activities in the school.

The Program’s objectives include playing a key role in improving health and reducing risk taking behaviour among young people, including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, obesity, depression and suicide.

For more information, see: Secondary School Nursing