No Jab, No Play

​​Early childhood educators are a key part of a new campaign reinforcing how immunisation saves lives and keeps children safe from deadly diseases.

The new campaign, launched in January, helps all Victorians understand the importance of immunisation and the introduction of the No Jab No Play legislation.

The campaign will be seen on television, in cinemas and on radio and digital channels until 26 February 2017, and in social media until the end of June 2017.

This is the first year the No Jab, No Play legislation comes into full effect, so it is important that Victorian families are aware of the new requirement. 

Under the No Jab, No Play legislation, early childhood services must obtain a record of immunisation before enrolling a child.

In some circumstances, families can enrol under a 16-week grace period and services will support families to immunise their children during this period.

Our early childhood educators are already doing a great job implementing the law and are helping to raise immunisation rates in Victoria.

Since the introduction of the No Jab, No Play legislation, immunisation rates have increased from 92.15 per cent in March 2016 to 93.4 per cent in September 2016.

The goal is to increase immunisation rates to 95 per cent.

The Department continues to implement a broad range of initiatives to increase immunisation rates, including:

  • the introduction and promotion of the Vax-on-Time App for parents;
  • regular newsletters and education programs for immunisation providers to highlight the importance of vaccination timeliness and to help influence hesitant parents; 
  • ongoing seminars and workshops with local government immunisation providers to help identify vulnerable groups and to ensure service provision meets the needs of such groups; 
  • a range of projects to support providers to vaccinate identified groups with low vaccination rates;
  • continued production of resources for immunisation providers and parents to provide evidence-based research information; and,
  • continued work with the Maternal and Child Health Care Nurses to help them answer parents' questions about immunisation.

More information is available by emailing or by ringing 1300 307 415.

You can also find a link to translated materials for distribution on the resources page, see: Resources for immunisation providers