Empowering Asylum seekers to access training and employment opportunities

​Asylum seekers Abdullahi and Huriya have proven that it’s never too hard to learn new skills and improve your employability. 

Both were able to find ongoing work by using the strong partnerships with community and industry VU Polytechnic Skills and Jobs Centres have built.

Abdullahi was an unskilled Asylum Seeker on a temporary Visa with no permanent address. When he visited the centre he needed help to understand and develop his employment skills and feel confident to apply for suitable work.

VU Polytechnic Skills and Jobs Centre staff guided him through creating a CV, helped with access to training opportunities, assisted with job searching and referrals to local support networks.

Abdullahi said when he arrived in Australia he felt very alone and was anxious about being able to find a job, but his training with VU Polytechnic built his confidence. Abdullahi has now secured full-time ongoing work in the warehousing sector.

‘I am very happy with my job, I have made many friends and am gaining lots of valuable work experience.’   

Huriya is an experienced hairdresser from Saudi Arabia and wanted some support to secure work in Australia.

The VU Polytechnic Skills and Jobs Centre staff helped her understand and access suitable training and find ongoing work through local network referrals.

‘The Skills and Jobs Centre Career Advisor in Footscray was so helpful. I had no idea what I needed to do to have my hairdressing qualifications recognised,’ said Huriya. 

‘Now I am working and studying and I couldn't be happier!’

Both Abdullahi and Huriya’s stories highlight the great benefit that comes from developing collaborative relationships with local service providers to enhance training and career options for groups that may need a little extra help.