Mentoring early childhood teachers

​Are you an experienced, enthusiastic early childhood teacher eager to share your passion and expertise with colleagues just starting their careers?

This year you can — thanks to the two-day Effective Mentoring Program.

The program will show experienced early childhood teachers how their years of teaching experience and insights can benefit new early childhood teachers.

The free program will develop your mentoring skills to induct and build the professional practice of new teachers.

It will also enable you to guide provisionally registered colleagues through the Victorian Institute of Teaching's process to become fully registered.

Through the Effective Mentoring Program, you can help new teachers feel supported and included in their new professional learning community while they receive constructive feedback and advice.

As a mentor, you will also share your valuable knowledge about teaching practice through peer observation and professional conversations.

For more information about the two-day program and how to register, see: Mentoring Training for Experienced Early Childhood Teachers