Building a future for our construction students

The next generation of construction workers in Melbourne’s north-east will soon have access to additional training to help give them the skills they need for a changing workforce.

Thanks to a $2.9 million boost by the Victorian Government, two new projects will help develop and deliver core skills for aspiring construction workers.

New Qualifications in Off-site Construction Technologies aims to put Victoria at the forefront of pre-fabricated timber construction technologies by piloting a Diploma in Off-site Construction Technologies.

Pre-fabrication and offsite construction provide an opportunity for the construction industry to reduce construction times and associated costs.

This project will help meet industry demand for project managers and tradespeople with skills in construction utilising offsite manufactured products and methods.

The Building Information Modelling Accredited Training Development project will develop accredited and non-accredited courses in Building Information Modelling – a process of creating digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of place.

Courses are designed to train students to manage complex information across interdisciplinary teams involving architects, building designers, engineers, contractors and specialist contractors, facilities managers and trades.

Both projects are funded by the Workforce Training Innovation Fund, part of the Victorian Government’s Skills First initiative, which is ensuring students receive high quality training that delivers the workforce skills employers need.​