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Introducing James Hart

James Hart is a children's book illustrator based in Melbourne. His illustration titles include the 'Mr Bambuckle's Remarkables' series, 'Cosentino', and the alliterative 'Eratically Epic!' and 'Frantically Fantastic!' to name a few.

This year James has added the Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge posters to his repertoire. His distinct cartoon style and dynamic characters that jump off the page help bring the Challenge to life in its fourteenth year.

James sees comics and cartoons as having a huge influence on his illustration style.

'Growing up in the '80s was a time where there was lots of amazing cartoons, like ' He Man' and 'Transformers', that have all blended into my joy of creating characters and drawing,' James says.

This year, the Challenge theme is Adventure on Every Page. James connects with the theme, seeing all books as a chance for an adventure.

'Kids still want to be taken on a journey, to be taken to different worlds. Kids will always want to be on an adventure.'

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