Victorian Education Excellence Awards

​Celebrating outstanding school professionals, the prestigious Victorian Education Excellence Awards (VEEA) are the leading awards for school professionals working in Victoria.

Nominations for the 2018 awards are now closed


As part of Victoria’s ambition to be the Education State, we want Victorians to be proud of the great government schools in their communities and the people who work in them. For 15 years, the Victorian Education Excellence Awards have celebrated outstanding government school education and innovation in Victoria.

Whether school professionals are inspiring young minds, contributing to educational outcomes or delivering new learning experiences – the Victorian Education Excellence Awards recognises excellence in all shapes and sizes.

Nominations for the 2018 awards are open until Sunday 24 June.

Steps to apply

1) Read the 2018 information pack:

2) Review the terms and conditions: 

3) Apply online for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards.

Application tips

Expand the options below for more information.

Using the online form

You can save and exit, and come back to your application at any time before the closing date. Once you’ve pressed submit, you won’t be able to make any changes.

Before starting, we recommend that you navigate your way through the questions and get a feel for what is expected.

400 word limit for each selection criteria

Each selection criteria has a limit of 400 words. We recommend that you draft your answers offline and review the word count before copying and pasting into the online application form.

Demonstrate your impact

Include information on how your initiatives have impacted your school, the wider community, and student outcomes.

For example, you can talk about:

  • how you might use your award grant if you were to win your category
  • how this would affect future programs/initiatives at your school or in your career
  • how you can share with others what you’ve learned or developed.
Get your application proofread

Before submitting your application, ask someone to look through and check it for readability and impact.

Remove any jargon, or terminology that wouldn’t be understood outside your school.

Explain any acronyms and describe your project in enough detail to capture the judges’ imagination.

Emphasise the benefit to your school, community and students, as well as the opportunities to share your learning with other schools and educators should you be selected for an award.

Choosing your endorsers

When selecting your second endorser, choose someone who understands your project/initiative and can provide a powerful and informed statement that will support your application.

If you are able to provide more than two endorser statements, this may help the judges make a decision if there are several entries in your category that receive the same score.

Remember, however, that the quality of your endorsements will always carry more weight than the quantity.

Seek approval if you are nominating others

If you are nominating someone else for an award, it is important to have a discussion with them prior to making a final submission.

Not only should they agree to be nominated, they should also be able to provide you with more detailed background on their projects or initiatives to help you make a detailed submission.

Know the application deadline

Make sure your entry is complete and you have uploaded your completed endorser forms before the closing date (24 June).

All incomplete entries will be deleted from the online system after the closing date. This will make it easier for our judges to shortlist entries online.

Write a summary of your application entry

At the end of the application process, you will be asked to provide a 200-word summary of your entry. This will be used as the basis for promotional materials if you are selected as a finalist.

Be sure to highlight the key points of your project or program, and the impact on your school, community and students.


There are nine individual and team awards on offer, plus one winner will be chosen for the overall award, The Lindsay Thompson Award for Excellence in Education:

  • Outstanding Primary Teacher Award
  • Outstanding Primary Principal Award
  • Outstanding Secondary Teacher Award
  • Outstanding Secondary Principal Award
  • Outstanding Business Manager Award
  • Outstanding Koorie Education Award
  • Outstanding Inclusive Education Award
  • Outstanding School Advancement Award
  • Outstanding Education Support Team
  • The Lindsay Thompson Award for Excellence in Education.

Individual award winners will receive $20,000 in professional learning grants, and teams will receive $25,000. An additional $20,000 is available to the recipient of the overall award – The Lindsay Thompson Award for Excellence in Education.

Promotional resources

VEAA promotional poster (pdf - 146.4kb)

Meet our 2017 VEEA finalists and winners

The recipients of the 2017 Victorian Education Excellence Awards were announced at the Regent Theatre’s Plaza Ballroom on Friday 27 October.

Twenty-eight individuals and teams from government schools were shortlisted for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards 2017.

The finalists were chosen from more than 100 nominations in nine award categories.