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 Recruitment Online Help for Applicants

Additional Availability Information is on the Jobs in Victorian Government Schools page

We recommend all applicants read this information before continuing with their application.


An Applicant Help Manual is available for those interested in searching and applying for school jobs, providing comprehensive information and assistance on how to use Recruitment Online. 

The manual is available in both PDF and WORD versions below.  The PDF version has bookmarks included which allow you to easily find the section you are looking for.  Click the "bookmarks" tab in Adobe PDF if they are not displayed.  Where a printed version of a particular section is required, the section can be printed independently by selecting on the required bookmark section then right clicking and selecting the "Print Page(s)" option.  Alternatively the entire document can be printed using the standard printing process for PDF documents.

Help is also available directly from Recruitment Online.  On each page in Recruitment Online click the Help link in the top right corner of each page.


Click the following to access the Applicant Help Manual

  • Applicant Help Manual - last updated 6 February 2014 (PDF) (WORD)

If you have downloaded or printed any of the previous Recruitment Online help material, please ensure you are accessing the latest version.  Depending on your internet connection the document may take a short time to download.


Click the following link to access Recruitment Online to search and apply for jobs.


A free PDF reader can be downloaded at Adobe Reader  (

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