• Publication of the 2024 Skills First Internal Audit Tool.

    Contract Notification 2024-03 has been published in the memos section of SVTS to advise you of the publication of the 2024 Skills First Internal Audit Tool. The tool is to help you self-assess your compliance with the contract. A reminder that we do have the ability to request a copy of the internal audit from you at any time. You are required to complete it within 6 months of the contract commencement date.  

  • Problem with SVTS error code 120559 relating to the Skills First Aboriginal Access fee waiver

    Several of you have reported receiving SVTS error code 120559 when reporting fee for service activity and other non-Skills First funded activity.

    This error code only applies to Skills First funded activity. You should ignore it for all other activity, including fee for service activity, and training funded by the ACFE board.

    Late this afternoon we switched this error code to a warning, so it will no longer appear as an error.

    The validation will be turned back into error (for Skills first funded training only) in a later release once we have resolved this issue.