Welcome to the Skills Victoria Training System

Registered Training Organisations use this website to submit their monthly training activity data securely to the Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS).

If you need a username or password or require assistance to log on to the SVTS, please refer to Accessing the Skills Victoria Training System

The latest Funded Courses Report and Student Tuition Fee Contribution Report can be downloaded from

The basic guide for SVTS users can be downloaded using the link below. We recommend all users of the system read this document carefully as it contains essential information on how to upload data and monitor claims. SVTS User Guide


SVTS has opened for the 2020 collection Year

SVTS is now open for submission of training activity data for the 2020 collection year.

RTOs must upload data including students continuing from 2019 to ensure payment will be made in the first 2020 payment processing.