English Online Interview

The English Online Interview (EOI) is an online tool for assessing the English skills of students from Foundation to Level 2 that includes 4 modules. It assesses students across the 3 modes of English in the Victorian Curriculum F-10 – reading and viewing, writing and speaking and listening.

The interview is one-to-one between a teacher and student, using texts and downloadable resources. Teachers record each student's responses directly onto the online system. This data is used to generate reports that provide an overview of student achievement and diagnostic information to inform program planning and resource allocation.

You can access the EOI on the Insight Assessment Platform.

Assessment requirements and mandatory period

The EOI is mandatory for Foundation (Prep) students in Victorian government schools and must be undertaken within a department-defined timeframe in Term 1 of each year. From 2023, the EOI is also mandatory for all Grade 1 students in Victorian government schools.

In 2023, there were separate but overlapping mandatory assessment periods for Foundation and Grade 1 students:

  • Foundation mandatory period – Weeks 1 to 5 of Term 1 (Monday 30 January 2023 to Friday 3 March 2023)
  • Grade 1 mandatory period – Weeks 3 to 7 of Term 1 (Monday 13 February 2023 to Friday 17 March 2023)

Module 1 is recommended for the start of Foundation. Module 2 is recommended for the start of Grade 1. However, teachers have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate module for individual students.

Find out more about the new requirement to use the EOI with Grade 1 students in 2023, including the new-2-part virtual professional learning available for Grade 1 teachers in Term 2, 2023.

Using the EOI after the mandatory period

Modules 2, 3 and 4 of the EOI are available for use from the beginning of Term 2 for the remainder of the school year for teachers to assess individual students' literacy abilities. Teachers should refer to the EOI guide.

EOI guide

The guide includes advice and instructions for setting up and preparing for the interview. It includes:

  • module selection recommendations for each year level and an overview of scoring for each of the modules
  • information about how the scoring is aligned to the Victorian Curriculum
  • information on interpreting EOI reports.

The guide has been updated to support implementation of the new assessment requirements for Grade 1 students in 2023 and use of the enhanced EOI, including additional phonics items.

Access to the EOI

The EOI is designed as an assessment to be administered by a qualified teacher, to support teacher knowledge of student capabilities and areas for explicit teaching. It also provides an opportunity for teachers to interact one-on-one with each student and foster a positive relationship. Only classroom teachers and school leadership can access the EOI modules and data.

The practice site for Insight Assessment Platform provides a clear sense of how the EOI works and can be accessed on Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority's website.

Resources to support the EOI

The resources and online learning below support the use of the EOI.

Technical Support

Technical assistance is available for schools via the service portal

When lodging a services request, provide as much information about the issue as possible including name, school and campus number. Screenshots displaying error messages should also be provided where possible.

For general, non-technical enquiries, email studentlearning@education.vic.gov.au

Visit the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s FAQs for information on administering and using the Insight Assessment Platform.